We have now takien our whole range, apart from our 2 Whisky flavours, Gluten Free.

This is great news for everyone, as now you can all enjoy our yummy licorice!!

Sorry about the Whisky & Milk Choc Coated Whisky, but unfortunately the flavour was just not quite right using the Tapioca Flour or any of the other subsitutes we tried and at the end of the day we are all about quality.

But do not worry we have another flavour in the pipeling thats sure to please……Stay Tuned!!


Due to such popular demands of our Gluten Free Original Licorice and Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Coated Original, we have realised how hard it is to obtain Gluten Free Licorice!

As we have found that by using a gluten free flour there has been no major difference to taste or flavour, we are happy to announce that we will soon be offering our whole range


Over the next few months as we deplete our stock of Licorice all new batches will be made using Tapioca flour and therefore gluten free.

In doing this we will be one of the only companies in Australia making an all Gluten Free Licorice in a range of flavours.

We look forward to hearing your feed back and hope you will help us spread the news!

The wait is nearly over!

We will be kicking off our licorice sales at the Bream Creek Farmers Market on Sunday 4th September 2016!

We will have the following products available:

Chocolate Coated

So for all you licorice lovers, make sure you come along and visit us.