About TLC

The Tasmanian Licorice Company was born like all of the greatest ideas are: under a carport in the pouring summer rain, over a bottle or two of Tasmanian sauvignon blanc.  From a tiny spark of an idea, co-founders Jhon Entrop and Mel Andrewartha grew the increasingly adventurous plans until the Tasmanian Licorice Company was created.

From some disastrous first attempts at making licorice, the recipe was kneaded into shape over many months of trial and error.  Family and friends immediately got on board, sampling the different batches and providing much-needed feedback and support.

Within in months the business was growing rapidly and the hard descision of whether to take the plunge of turning for what was a sideline hobby, into a full on lucrative business had to be made. So weighing up many pros and cons the decision to "close up shop" as they say.

Enter Leesa, Aaron & Charlotte Bishop!

A small family living on 25 acres in the beautiful small town of Campania in the Coal River Valley region. For several years they had been looking for a small business to either start or take over, that was unique and in turn supporting other local Tasmanian businesses.

Though Leesa's current part time work, She had sampled and known about Jhon & Mel's fabulous Licorice. Then when she heard the news about them no longer producing this amazing treat, she thought this is a complete tragedy and decided to approach Jhon & Mel on the topic of taking over the business.

And so finally the little families dreams where answered.

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Our Ingredients

We like to source our ingredients, where possible, from within Tasmania.  Failing that, we make sure that what we are using is an Australian product, and as organic as we can get. We offer a gluten free option as well as using no artificial flavouring or preservatives in our products.

The Callington Mill - we source our flour from Australia's only operating Georgian Windmill - the Callington Mill, in Oatlands, Tasmania. 

Tasman Sea Salt - the salty flavour of our Fulham licorice is from Tasman Sea Salt, on the East Coast of Tasmania. They produce 100% natural sea salt, high in potassium, and lower in sodium than many other salts. We also use a little in all our other flavours as a natural preservative.

Leatherwood Honey - we use the iconic tasting Tasmanian Leatherwood honey, known throughout the world as a distinctive and high quality taste.  Leatherwood trees grow deep in the Tasmanian wilderness, and take about 70 years to reach nectar-producing maturity. We source all our honey from another family owned & run business, The Wellington Apiary.

Chocolate - our chocolate comes from the famous House of Anvers in Latrobe, a beautiful rich couverture chocolate made to a belgian recipe using some of Tasmania's finest produce.

Lavender Oil - our Tasmanian lavender flavour comes from prue lavender oil sourced from Charles Reuben Estate, just down the road from us in Teatree.  It provides a subtle floral taste to our white chocolate which works very well with the buzz licorice pieces.

Hellyers Road Whisky - we use the original single malt whisky from Hellyers Road distillery in Burnie Tasmanian. With its smooth flavour it matches beautifully with the licorice.